We did enjoy a great meal and our time with Josi and his family last night but the children are young so I walked them up the road early so they could get home before too late.  When I returned, we gathered on the roof one last time and relaxed as the cool breeze picked up. We had some interesting conversation with members of another group working in Haiti…and then the rain began again.  It actually came down in near biblical fashion for nearly an hour, keeping some on the roof longer than planned.

For those who remember our very first trip after the quake, it was reminiscent of the flooding rainstorm in intensity, if not duration.  I know this allows residents to fill their water collection systems but only hope it does not cause dangerous mudslides and flooding.  I was relieved to know that Josi and his family arrived home safely before the storm began. 

Once it stopped we all retired for the night but not before we were treated to our first ever fireworks display…not sure the occasion, but it was quite impressive! Once showered it was lights out and a great night’s sleep followed by a leisurely morning with breakfast, relaxing, reading and awaiting our departure to the airport.

The drive was near traffic-less for a change and we made good time. We endured the usual ordeals at baggage check in, but no bribes were required this time…good thing as our resources are considerably depleted at this point in our travels.  Once we ran the security gauntlet, we had some time to relax and await our departure, but as that drew near, the crush of humanity made it difficult to determine where we belonged.

Have no fear though, we found our way and survived one last security checkpoint before boarding.  The flight was uneventful and actually very comfortable.  We arrived early to Atlanta, breezed through Customs and retrieved all luggage before passing through security for the final time this trip.  Everyone made their designated flights and are now safely on the ground.

As always, Chelsea will be the last one home as she must extend her trip by ground from the Boston airport to her home in Maine.  She is always on our minds until we know she is home safe!

Now we again turn our thoughts to our lives here at home…our families, our friends, our jobs and our daily routines…but I assure you our thoughts never stray too far from our commitment to the people in Haiti, especially now as we are so near achieving our ultimate goal.

If you have been following along you know we are pushing hard to raise the resources to not only build the clinic, but also assure there are sustainable medical services being provided within.  And as always, we need your continued support to reach the finish line.  I hope you will consider this a worthy cause and make a Donation.  I assure you we will be good stewards of the resources raised!

That is all for this edition.  Please stay tuned for updates on our campaign and our preparations to return in May 2018, when we expect to see the building going up!

Love to All,


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