So I never did get my cool rain on the roof after clinic, but we had a delicious meal of pork, legume, and rice with black bean sauce.  After dinner we quickly alphabetized the records and MacGyver-ed a filing system…there’s nothing that can’t be done with a Leatherman tool, eh Russ? 

Once the work was done, we trekked up the road to Timizou’s new establishment. We had a great celebration of our time on the island with all our friends…and the new ones we have made!  We enjoyed it so much, we may return tonight for one last visit…May is a long way off!

I was not giving up on the rain so I climbed to the roof upon our return and my wish was granted…a nice cool and steady drizzle…a great way to close out the day. Then it was shower and bedtime…a well deserved rest.

I awoke to a cool morning with the sun behind the clouds and children waiting outside our window just wanting to play…I must have played catch from the balcony for nearly an hour before I had to get ready for the day.  Today we had our last clinic right here again.  It was a slow day as patients trickled in for hours…we must have packed and unpacked meds several times before the last patient was seen, but everyone was seen…even a few who arrived at the guest house later in the afternoon.

In the end we have cared for nearly 500 patients on this trip.  That’s 500 more opportunities to connect with this community and build a mutual trust. I believe we are making progress.

Once the clinic ended, we inventoried the supplies, ate lunch and then headed to the beach for one last dip – it was the coolest and most refreshing swim of the week and the evening is cooling off nicely.  I am sure we will spend a little more time on the roof tonight before we turn in and turn our thoughts to the journey home. We will cross the channel after breakfast and make the ride back to Port au Prince for the night, before our flight on Sunday.  Now I am enjoying a nice breeze on the roof and ending my day the way it started…listening to the children play. What a great sound!

Please wish us well as we travel over these next 2 days.  And please keep these wonderful people in your thoughts.

That’s all for tonight. Will let you know how our travels go tomorrow evening.

Love to All,

The Team

2 Responses to “Last Day on the Island”
  1. Jenny Baldwin

    A perfect bedtime story! Just wish I had been there to hear it! Good work, team!

    Travel safely!
    Love always,

  2. Mike

    Safe travels! Gods speed. Mike


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