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Until Next Time Ayiti

We did enjoy a great meal and our time with Josi and his family last night but the children are young so I walked them up the road early so they could get home before too late.  When I returned, we gathered on the roof one last time and relaxed as the cool breeze picked up. We had some interesting conversation with members of another group working in Haiti…and then the rain began again.  It actually came down in near biblical fashion for nearly an hour, keeping some on the roof longer than planned.

For those who remember our very first trip after the quake, it was reminiscent of the flooding rainstorm in intensity, if not duration.  I know this allows residents to fill their water collection systems but only hope it does not cause dangerous mudslides and flooding.  I was relieved to know that Josi and his family arrived home safely before the storm began.  Read More

A Drenched Departure

Last night after our final delicious supper on the island, we made one last trip to the local watering hole, where we spent time with our friends and danced a little too, but soon the “Big Boss” gave us the high sign and we were on our way home.  But before we could rest, we had to finish the night with one last trip to the roof for our own private dance party.

It wasn’t long before the week’s work and heat caught up with us and we descended the ladder for the last time to turn in.  We awoke to another cloudy and cool morning, followed by a short rainfall…just enough though to prevent the truck from taking the luggage to the beach, so we all loaded up and did a bit of our own mudding…  Read More

Last Day on the Island

So I never did get my cool rain on the roof after clinic, but we had a delicious meal of pork, legume, and rice with black bean sauce.  After dinner we quickly alphabetized the records and MacGyver-ed a filing system…there’s nothing that can’t be done with a Leatherman tool, eh Russ?  Read More

Point Est – A New Adventure

Today’s clinic was held in a small fishing village at the northeast point of the island, which we reached by boat after driving to the port in Madame Bernard, which was an adventure in itself…we like to call it Mudding with Mario (our driver is Jil André, aka Mario).  You see it rained heavy last night requiring the skills of an accomplished driver to reach the port.  Read More

Bwa Bouton has Risen from Destruction

This was the site for our clinic today.  And when we drove up, it was clear they knew we were coming.  It promised to be a busy day and it did not disappoint. The good news is we were not crowded into a 10 x 10 room this time! In fact we had 3 large rooms – one for check in and 2 for consultations.  What a difference 7 months make!!  Read More