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An Open Letter to Our Friends

A recent letter mailed to friends and colleagues of Peter…but just as meaningful to all friends and supporters of Project Starfish-Haiti:

Dear Friends & Colleagues of Peter,

I am writing this letter with the understanding that many organizations and causes are vying for your financial support, especially at this time before the end of the year. I am writing to you, not because our cause is any more worthy than the others you are hearing from, but rather, because of your connection to Peter Whitehead, and because the dream of creating a better way to deliver sustainable healthcare to the deserving people of Haiti was something he was passionate about and committed to, even in his waning days.

I am pleased to inform you that, together with our partners in western New York, we have raised nearly half the funds required to completely finish the Peter Y. Whitehead Memorial Clinic. Our building fund balances total nearly $225,000 as of this communication. The majority of these funds (nearly 90%) have come from our partners who never even knew Peter, but they heard of his passion and commitment to this cause and shared in our desire to dedicate a permanent clinic in his memory. I encourage you to recall Peter’s life and how he may have impacted your life. No donation is too small, but as you know, a project of this size will require substantial funding.

We expect ground to be broken on this project after the first of the year and will update all those interested via Facebook and our website. It is our wish to maintain momentum on this project with no substantial pauses in its completion.   We need your help to see Peter’s dream, a dream he shared with Project Starfish-Haiti, become a reality.

Please visit our website,, to see how easy it is to make your tax-deductible donation. If you have already done so, please accept our most sincere gratitude!

Best Regards and Happy Holidays,

Adam and all of us at Project Starfish-Haiti

We Are At It Again!

That’s right, we are already planning our return to Ile a Vache and have assembled a team of 9 dedicated individuals to help deliver needed healthcare services – once again a core group of team members will be traveling: Kitty, Carey, Chelsea, Melila, Jil & Rusty along with another 2 new members.  I am excited to report I will not be the only pediatrician for this trip – welcome aboard Dr Kelly Henchel!! I will be happy to share some of my senior citizen patients with you. We also welcome a great friend of mine from my days in the Navy – Beaufort South Carolina’s City Councilman and Mayor Pro Tem, Mike McFee.  Mike has experience on previous mission trips but this will be his first to Haiti and with a medical team…I feel a new pharmacist in the making!!

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Prayers Needed NOW!!

IMG_00000034I generally do not use this forum to highlight specific individuals, but one of our own is in need of your prayers NOW!  I regret to inform you all that Dr. Peter Whitehead will be unable to join us this year, as originally planned, for our return to Haiti next month. He was just recently diagnosed with a malignant tumor of his chest wall and will be initiating radiation therapy ASAP, leading to major surgery in the next couple months. Peter is an integral member of the Project Starfish Haiti family and I know you all – family, friends and supporters, will join us as we pray for him and his family as they navigate this challenging time in their lives. We, the 2014 Team, and most certainly the people of Haiti will miss your presence “Dr. Peter”, but I have no doubt you will be with us as we are with you….every step of the way!  May we prove the power of prayer and positive thinking with your speedy and full recovery.

Be Strong My Friend and NEVER forget….Love From ALL,