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Our Goal In Sight

We have the Land:
We have the Plans:
We have the Approval from Community Leaders:

All that is left are the funds to complete the Project, and we and our partners from the Western NY Impact Foundation are making progress on that front. However, the need is great and we require the help of all of our followers to make this Clinic a reality.  We have over 500 friends on Facebook – I encourage you all to visit the Donate Section of our site and dig as deep as you can. As always, any donation is greatly appreciated, and we can never thank you enough for your generosity, but just imagine if everyone could muster a one-time $500 donation. I know it’s a big ASK, but it amounts to less than $1.50 per day…less than a daily cup of coffee at Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts or even the corner market.  It would be enough to finish the clinic, and then the deserving people of this island will finally have a clinic they can rely upon to provide sustainable medical services…medications, basic illness management, prenatal care, safe births, minor surgeries, dental care, eye care and more. This has been our Goal from the start and now it is indeed in sight. Please help us make it a reality.  Please help us honor the memory of a good man and a selfless servant as we will dedicate this clinic in the name of  Dr. Peter Y. Whitehead.

Much love and gratitude to you all,


We Are At It Again!

That’s right, we are already planning our return to Ile a Vache and have assembled a team of 9 dedicated individuals to help deliver needed healthcare services – once again a core group of team members will be traveling: Kitty, Carey, Chelsea, Melila, Jil & Rusty along with another 2 new members.  I am excited to report I will not be the only pediatrician for this trip – welcome aboard Dr Kelly Henchel!! I will be happy to share some of my senior citizen patients with you. We also welcome a great friend of mine from my days in the Navy – Beaufort South Carolina’s City Councilman and Mayor Pro Tem, Mike McFee.  Mike has experience on previous mission trips but this will be his first to Haiti and with a medical team…I feel a new pharmacist in the making!!

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2 Weeks and Counting to Haiti 2017 (1st Edition)

We just had a very successful packing party with more medications than I think we have ever loaded up. We got to meet 4 of our new members – Emma, Bethanie, Carla and Michael and we reunited with a returning member- Sarah G. For those wondering, her foot has fully healed and she is ready to go!! Some familiar faces were present too – Jenny, Carey, Lindsay and Melila. We cannot wait to reunite with Rachel B. for this trip – it has been too too long. We have another new member in Charlottesville – Sarah B., who will be packing with Kiki this week and I’m sure Kiki will have her ready to go like a seasoned veteran before they ever leave “Wahooville”. Chelsea, in the “Great White Northeast”, will be getting her supplies loaded up as usual and we will meet her in Miami. Kitty and Tom had grandbaby duty this weekend, but as usual Kitty is attempting to load a shipping container’s worth of supplies into 4-6 large duffel bags….my money is on “Big Chief Black Cloud”. Read More

Exciting Times for our Project

I am thrilled to report that last night we had a very exciting Skype call with our friends Steve and Scott in Buffalo, NY. They recently returned from their trip to Ile a Vache, having surveyed the properties we looked at in March…and we are in agreement on the location. They presented an initial plan for the clinic and the upstairs guesthouse and will be creating a more formal architectural rendering once the plan has been tweaked just a bit more to accommodate the most important needs. Read More

Team 2016 – Ready for Action

My regrets for the long hiatus between posts.  Rest assured, we have been working hard towards our goal and are now ready to report on our progress.  This coming March, we will be taking a new journey and exploring previously uncharted territory for our group.  In fact we will be going by land, air and sea and will be expanding our network yet again.  From our last trip’s blog entries, it should come as no surprise that the purpose of our upcoming journey is to perform the necessary fact-finding duties and due diligence as we seek to establish a more permanent and sustainable medical presence where it is needed most.

To that end, our good friend Vanessa Carpenter at Angel Missions Haiti helped connect us with Mrs. Nora Leon with the Caribbean Children’s Foundation, and for that we are very thankful. Nora’s organization operates a mission on the small island of Ile a Vache, which is located off the southwest coast of mainland Haiti and the city of Les Cayes. Interestingly, it was once a haven for pirates in the 1600’s, including the infamous Captain Henry Morgan.  As you can imagine, being such a small island off the mainland, the degree of poverty and lack of access to services is even greater.  Read More