Our latest adventures in Haiti

Day 7 – New Experiences

Last night we had a nice conversation with our hosts from Mission of Grace in Carries and it leaves our group with many new questions as we explore our options and search for a way to establish our own identity in this tiny country with such great need. No matter the outcome of our deliberations, I know our commitment to serve the Haitian people will not falter.

After much conversation, I think we all hit the sack exhausted and most, if not all, slept rather soundly with no wildlife interruptions. I awoke around 6 AM feeling rested and spent some quiet time reading and thinking before the rest of the team began stirring. At 8 AM sharp a delicious breakfast was served, including a ham and cheese omelet and the best ripe mango ever! We then made our way to the orphanage to play with and hold as many cute kids as we could. Some proceeded on to the senior citizens home, playfully referred to as the Granny’s Home, and some of us just kept holding those kids! Read More

Day 6 – Farewell to Jolivert…For Now

Last night we were interrupted intermittently and throughout, starting at 10 PM, by all manner of wildlife…dogs, then goats, then Charlie, then a burro and let’s not forget the roosters. By 5 AM all these random sounds coalesced into the usual cacophony that we have “lovingly” come to know as our Haitian wake-up call…and since we knew we had an early start in clinic, we rolled out for an early breakfast.

Then it was all hands down the hill for an early clinic and we saw nearly 60 patients in the 2 hours we had before our departure. Today I even got Chelsea seeing patients and she knocked it out of the park. Unfortunately, we left a few loose ends for Dr. Daniel as well as a full waiting area. We did however see a 2 month old in follow-up who had recently lost her mother and had not been feeding. I am happy to report she was taking formula for her aunt and had gained weight in the past 2 days – success! Bravo Carey, Sarah and Melila! Another small life saved and SO cute!!! Read More

Day 5 – Back to Odige

Last night, no rain, which I think emboldened all the wildlife, mostly the dogs and roosters. Around 1 AM our watchful canines must have sensed danger and were patrolling the perimeter constantly and incessantly barking…which in turn awoke the roosters early…and repeatedly. Result – NO SLEEP!!!

Image 2

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Day 4 – Back to the “Real Bush”

Yesterday we had on and off showers late into the evening, which kept things cool and allowed most to get a decent night’s sleep…at least while the bears were quiet. However, I believe we were all treated to the serenade of the 3:45 AM rooster again. He was alone until his peers joined in about a half hour later, after which little sleep was had by most of the team.

Once awake, we enjoyed a wonderful pancake breakfast, compliments of our host Blaud. With full bellies and water bottles we trooped down the hill to get ready for both local and outreach clinics. Soon after, several motos arrived to take the group to the first true Bush Clinic of the week. Once meds were gathered, we were assigned to our motos and mounted up. Ches was experiencing a motorcycle for the first time and…wait, no helmet. I wonder if her mother knows this…oh yeah she was on the moto just behind her! Read More

Day 3 – Let The Clinics Begin


Last night was again cool but not cold and against all hopes the wildlife was out. Interestingly, yesterday evening we experienced rain in Jolivert for the first time on any of our trips. It could not have come at a better time…Charlie had just begun a rare tantrum and the sound of the rain on the roof was just the right medicine to soothe our little dude. Unfortunately, the rain did stop and other sounds got revved up. The bears were definitely in full voice and despite our best hopes, the roosters still don’t care when the sun rises.

Eventually we were all required to emerge from our netted beds for the day ahead. We had a quick breakfast, met our translators…a few smiling and familiar faces from years past – Ancy, Windshelden(Mildred’s sister) and Rodner. We had 3 additional translators as well – Henry (Windshelden and Mildred’s brother), Patrick and Morgan…we are well staffed with translators this year. We then trooped down the hill with bags of meds and an eagerness to get started.

The team divided into groups for the day ahead, some in the van to staff the outreach clinic and fewer to stay back at Clinic Jolivert to work with the new Haitian doctor, Dr. Daniel. Both groups saw around 60 patients and it will come as no surprise that Kitty was met from the start with uncontrollable bleeding, followed by pus, just dying to be released! Go…”Big Chief Black Cloud” to the rescue!!! We saw nothing quite so exciting at Clinic Jolivert, however Sarah and Kiki made quite an awesome team, providing wonderful compassionate care….a true Dynamic Duo! You heard right, Kiki was not in the pharmacy for a change – Chelsea embraced the experience and handled the onslaught with grace! As for me, I may have actually seen 50% pediatric patients for the first time in 5 years.


Once we all finished, we were treated to a delicious lunch with beef, rice & beans, picklis and vegetables. After a cold beverage, we ventured down to the river along with a trail of about 2 dozen children. They first attacked Melila for bracelets and then I think they all thought Kiki was going to magically produce soccer balls for all of them. We were cooled off by another sprinkle as we walked home and then found a comfortable spot to plop by a fan and rest.


It is now nearly 6PM and we have had a few more showers, making the plans for a hike up the hill unlikely tonight…except for Kitty and Tom who made a quick go of it briefly until another rain shower turned them around. Not sure the rest of us would have had enough energy for it at this point anyway so we will plan again for tomorrow. I think for now, we will grab some evening snacks, maybe another beverage, get a “refreshing” shower and engage in our favorite pass time…Charlie watching…never a dull moment with this cute kid!!

Tomorrow, we load the motos and head for the hills. Think I might have to pre-medicate with ibuprofen but still cannot wait to get into the hinterlands. Here’s hoping the rain showers keep the wildlife a bit more quite tonight and that the creative furniture rearrangement will allow Charlie to sleep better too! On a positive note, the bear in the boy’s room will be locating elsewhere as another team joins us. Here’s hoping for no replacement bears.

Think that’s all for tonight…Love to All back home!

The Team