Our latest adventures in Haiti

Haiti Here We Come!!

This should look a bit familiar, but believe it or not, really so much more comfortable than the Ft. Lauderdale airport Baggage Claim area. This is our Inn for the next 6hr as we await our 7am flight to Port au Prince.

The team is all together now in the Miami airport, having departed from several different locations this time. Thankfully all flights were on schedule and we can only hope for more of the same with the next legs of the trip. For now we will try to get some rest, if not actual sleep, because tomorrow will again prove to be a long day in the air, by land and sea. Read More

Exciting Times for our Project

I am thrilled to report that last night we had a very exciting Skype call with our friends Steve and Scott in Buffalo, NY. They recently returned from their trip to Ile a Vache, having surveyed the properties we looked at in March…and we are in agreement on the location. They presented an initial plan for the clinic and the upstairs guesthouse and will be creating a more formal architectural rendering once the plan has been tweaked just a bit more to accommodate the most important needs. Read More

Day 6 – Homeward Bound

I am again sorry for the delayed post. As you will see, we had some challenges in Miami, making it impossible to complete this post until late. At that point I wished to be certain the team made it home safely which I can thankfully report we did.

So here goes:

After a night of reminiscing and speculating about our future, we all eventually turned in for the night. However, it would not be so for the big city wildlife. There remains no shortage of dogs and roosters and they are all on their own clock….wide awake from midnight to 6AM. There is definitely some nostalgia to this but I am reminded why we prefer to work outside the urban areas, where the need is often much greater. Despite all of that, this remains the most desired location in the city for us! Read More

Day 5 – Travels and Tribulations

Last night we slept with great anticipation for our travels to come. We awoke and packed our belongings for the return trip. We had one last breakfast with our hosts and the other team before we trekked back down to the beach landing area. Once all luggage was loaded and passengers on board, we shoved off for the 45 minute boat ride to the Les Cayes pier. Clearly we will see this place again and I am certain for many years to come as we march on towards our ultimate goals.

The day was calm with gentle rollers and a following breeze as we made the journey. We were even shaded from the sun for part of the trip so it was not too warm. All in all, this leg was a pleasant one as we took in the beautiful coastline and clear blue water one last time, accompanied all the way by our guardian angel, Léon. Read More

Day 4 – Making Connections

Last night was punctuated by cards, cards, and yes, more cards. There was even a late night final cutthroat game between Carey and Jenny. In case you are wondering, JennyMa is the reigning champ at Tourette’s, and every other card game known. It was a later night than usual, but sleep came quickly again for most.

We awoke to another tasty breakfast and then ventured on a “walkabout” of the western island. I am told we walked nearly 4 miles and 9 thousand steps. The views are breathtaking! It still boggles the mind that this island paradise remains nearly untouched and undeveloped. However, the thought of that progress, despite the intended benefit, comes with great apprehension. Read More