Our latest adventures in Haiti

The Harsh Reality of Ile a Vache

After one last visit to the newborn and mother, we enjoyed our favorite dinner of chicken, rice and beans, then we retired to the rooftop as planned. When the moon rose above the horizon and clouds it was once again bright enough to light the entire countryside around us. We did not have a round 2 of cards but we certainly did not miss the opportunity for team bonding – chatting, singing, sharing stories of family, brainstorming new fundraising opportunities and laughing throughout. At some point the days events caught up with us and we called it a night. Read More

Day 4 – The Barrage at Bwa Bouton

So last night turned out to be drizzly and moonless…no visit to the rooftop after all, however tonight will definitely be a different story. Anyway, last night we were alone with our translators, Johnny, Wilson and Boaz which turned out to be a blessing. Not only did we have a sincere conversation and learn just how mature they are for their ages (23, 23 & 30 respectively), and just how committed they are to improving their homeland (not just focused on their own immediate needs and wishes), but we bonded more tightly as a group as they taught us two new card games with one remarkable rule…Wilson always wins! JennyMa, you are going to have your work cut out for you in March! But seriously, these are 3 more remarkable young men amongst the many other young adults we have met in our travels…what amazing role models for us and our children. Read More

Getting into Our Groove – Clinic Day 2

Last night we discovered a new oasis in Haiti…the rooftop of our Guest House at Grace Ministries. Who knew you could sit and lay on solar panels, but we got the okay from the installer himself and you definitely don’t have to tell us twice. It was a great location to catch the cooling night breeze and get a good view of the Super Moon and we will most definitely revisit this prime location during our trip. We also enjoyed some music, all manner of conversation together and with our new friends from Buffalo. This feels like a really good fit for our project.

Last night was just a bit cooler and once down from the roof, I believe everyone rested well before the 7am wakeup for breakfast…one of our favorites – sweet Haitian oatmeal. Once our bellies were full, we made the short walk down the hill to the Church on property…our clinic site for the day. Read More

Back to Work – Day 1 Clinic

Good evening to everyone. I am trying to keep up and must thank our webmaster, Katie Murphy, for patiently awaiting text and photos and then putting them all together for us in a coherent and artful way. Mesi Anpil Katie!!

Last night after sorting thousands of pills, we all hit the mattress for well deserved sleep. Once awake, we ate a hearty breakfast and loaded into the truck for our first clinic on this island.

We took over a large room at the government owned clinic in Madame Béna. The six of us divided into 3 groups, each with a translator and went old school on this place. We saw upwards of 110 patients and dispensed hundreds of medications. Rusty is now a certified pharmacist in Haiti…just waiting on the paperwork.

Read More

Return to Paradise Lost

Good morning All,

My apologies for the delay in my message. We have had difficulty posting as our signal is very weak on the island so far.  Please be at peace now knowing we have arrived safely. It was a long day and a half of travel to arrive here but the process was very smooth. We even met another remarkable young man, Antonio, on the flight from Miami. He is hard working, motivated, well educated, well traveled and works for the government in Port au Prince. For those who have followed us, he reminds me very much of a slightly older Josi. He remains in his country when other members of his family and some of his close friends entice him to leave for greener pastures. He wants to stay in his home and work to improve his country.  Read More