Our latest adventures in Haiti

Déjà Vu all over again…

…only this time with a much larger bunch. We are 16 strong on this adventure (some new, some returning at long last and some “salty” old veterans), but it started very similarly to our previous 2 journeys – Charlotte with numerous checked bags, dinner and a cocktail at our regular haunt, late flight to Miami where we united with Chelsea and then “settle in” for a “rest” before a 7am flight to Haiti. Our lullaby in the airport was 24/7 CNN footage, muzak in the terminal, security & public service announcements and the constant hum of floor buffers & vacuums. We were all up for nearly 18 hours before we ever touched down in Miami so most of us got at least a few minutes of shut-eye. As for me, I believe I logged about 3 or 4 ten minute naps between 1 and 6AM. Read More

2 Weeks and Counting to Haiti 2017 (1st Edition)

We just had a very successful packing party with more medications than I think we have ever loaded up. We got to meet 4 of our new members – Emma, Bethanie, Carla and Michael and we reunited with a returning member- Sarah G. For those wondering, her foot has fully healed and she is ready to go!! Some familiar faces were present too – Jenny, Carey, Lindsay and Melila. We cannot wait to reunite with Rachel B. for this trip – it has been too too long. We have another new member in Charlottesville – Sarah B., who will be packing with Kiki this week and I’m sure Kiki will have her ready to go like a seasoned veteran before they ever leave “Wahooville”. Chelsea, in the “Great White Northeast”, will be getting her supplies loaded up as usual and we will meet her in Miami. Kitty and Tom had grandbaby duty this weekend, but as usual Kitty is attempting to load a shipping container’s worth of supplies into 4-6 large duffel bags….my money is on “Big Chief Black Cloud”. Read More

Home Again…and Counting Down

So, as advertised our flight arrived early and we had hopes of an early arrival to our hotel too. Unfortunately, these hopes were quickly dashed by a pilot announcement that another flight had taken our gate and we would need to “settle in for a bit” – maybe 20-30 minutes. Not the kind of announcement any passenger wishes to hear. Well, we were already about 20 minutes early on the ground, so maybe not a disaster after all. However, you would not have known it inside the jet, as most passengers were up in the aisle, pulling bags out of overhead storage and jostling for position for when we finally parked. Then several passengers needed to get back to the bathroom through this crush of people and there was a flurry of Creole as arguments broke out. Just as it was about to get ugly, the pilot announced we were heading to our gate…phew! Read More

Farewell Haiti…Again

Turns out last night we did not venture up to the roof as we had a very comfortable spot on the front porch looking out on the street. DJ “Gruss” was spinning all the best tunes and we engaged our new friends in a little “Party on the Patio”. I think the neighbors, who had a front row seat from the their porch, have never been so entertained. We got to meet Léon’s other brother Morgan and his friends “Pigeon” and “Bef”. Timizu was with us and Boaz came to spend one last evening with us as well. It was a cool night and we all had great fun just being together. We even walked next door to a restaurant for some fried plantains and a cold beverage.  Read More

Until March, Ile a Vache

Last night was gloriously cool on the rooftop, with winds coming from the north. The moon rose just before 9:00, so for hours we could see stars as far as the horizon in all directions. We saw so many shooting stars we lost count. The wind picked up and it became so cool that we were happy to have long sleeves and our new Haitian friends turned in early because they were too cold. I was tempted to sleep on the roof, but in the end, after hours of star gazing, we all descended the ladder to turn in for the night. Read More