Our latest adventures in Haiti

Day 4

Good Evening All! In case you were wondering…yes the roosters did crow at 10:45 last night, right on schedule. Anyway, we had a great day. Clinic started at 9am with all translators in place and four providers seeing patients – only about 120 and we were done by about 11am. We are told this may be due to local holiday – will see what tomorrow brings. Read More

Day 3

Hello all! We are finally 14 strong since Lee and Chad arrived safely this evening. Our luck is changing – we got some additional supplies with them. Still awaiting quite a bit but hoping this is a trend.  Read More

Day 2

Hello again! Good news…all 11 of the team are now here and just waiting for Lee and Chad tomorrow.  Pray they have an easier time with travel.  Read More

Day 1

Hello all! It was a bit harrowing from the start with a drive to Greensboro. We are all safe but split up for now. Adam, Andy, Vanessa, Robert and Rachel R in Haiti. Janet, Lauren, Steph, Sondra in Ft Lauderdale. Jenny and Rachel F in the air to Ft Lauderdale as we write.  Only one checked bag made it today but we expect many more tomorrow. Mother nature strikes again. Will write more tomorrow…

Love to all,

The Team