Our latest adventures in Haiti

Day 3

Today started with another long anticipated reunion. We were very excited to see Kez again and now just await our reunion with Christine. We ate a quick breakfast and then turned our attention to getting supplies together for our first clinic. We then embarked on a 1 hour ride to Carrefour where we met Monfort at his clinic.

The patients arrived shortly thereafter and by 9am the clinic was in full swing – before we knew it we were finishing up around 2pm. Between 4 providers we cared for about 150 people. Read More

Day 2

We have had a full day after little sleep. It is noisy with traffic here near the main road and the music played late on a Saturday night. If anyone is wondering, I believe James Brown is alive and well in Port au Prince. Read More

Back in Paradise

Broadcasting live again from Port au Prince! We departed 6 strong from Greensboro and 1 from Birmingham early this morning (sadly, we had to leave 1 behind in GSO). Some familiar faces and some new this year. We are excited to see Peter again and blessed to add Jeff, Rachel B., and Kitty to the team as well. Our “family” is growing nicely, but those back home are sorely missed.  Another bonus was meeting Dr. Bob and friend Nancy when we arrived at the house. Read More

Follow Up

Hey gang! I wanted to let all know that I just finished with Karen McNew on a follow-up story which is supposed to air tonight at 6. I must say I am feeling a bit queasy about the whole thing. I am probably not the best guy to be in front of the camera. I hope I have done right by the team and the people of Haiti and our new friends. I made Karen promise to keep the focus in the proper place. I guess we will find out this evening. Please forgive me if I really botched it bigtime. Read More

Day 10

A final good evening. The day started with more excitement than we wished for, as you already know, but it really cemented our experience and our connection to our Hatian friends and patients. Read More