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Team Starfish Returns to Madame Bernard

Last night was a great evening on the roof followed by a good night sleeping…for most.  I have to share that our experience on Ile a Vache has definitely been a surprise this time…we have running (trickling) water showers fed by water tanks on the roof, we have flushing toilets, we have better cellular service than what we had in Port au Prince, and…wait for it…TWO fans per room. It’s like the Ile a Vache Ritz Carlton!!  But more importantly, we have been treated to the same exceptional hospitality by our hosts…what an incredible connection we have made! Read More

The Work Begins…

…and we actually started the process of documenting our encounters! Another big step toward our ultimate goal! It was a very hot day starting just after 9AM and by 2PM we had treated 102 patients, which matched the temperature inside the church.  Kelly treated our first broken bone in nearly 8 yrs and the boy was sent to Les Cayes for X-rays and hopefully adequate care.  And of course Kitty, lovingly known as “Big Chief Black Cloud” took no time in finding the first surgical patient – there was blood, infection and a metal foreign object removed from a man’s leg, right before the gentleman passed out. Unfortunately, we have no tetanus vaccine, but I’m sure Kitty cleansed all the badness away! Read More

Back Where We Belong!

I think most everyone slept well last night…especially since it was not on an airport floor! The night sounds did not disapoint and breakfast was delicious – first taste of local mango…the best. It wasn’t long before we were loaded up and on the road to Les Cayes. Garry made the ride very comfortable and in just over 4 hours we were at the pier loading supplies and ourselves on the boat for the passage to Ile a Vache.  We were greeted by the local children and accompanied up the hill to our home for the week. I’m pretty sure Maya and Kelly have new suitors.  Read More

Team Starfish Has Landed Safely…

…and I immediately found my Happy Place!

You guessed it….the rooftop at St. Joseph’s Guest House in Port au Prince. After a long day traveling, the breeze was very welcome. We have arrived short one bag, but more importantly, short one member. We miss you Mike, we wish for your speedy recovery and look forward to you joining Team Starfish in the near future!

We do have 2 additional new members to the family, Dr. Kelly and future Dr. Maya! It is always great to add new members to this family as we will need many to make our dream a reality!  Read More