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Epilogue 2017 (1st Edition)

Disclaimer: This post is for Sunday, March 12. Sorry for the delay but the rigors of international travel from a 3rd world country as well as our late arrival home, made it impossible to post last night

So, last night was indeed beautiful and refreshing from the roof at St Joseph’s and some of us lingered late, not wishing to turn the lights out on our experience. However, heavy lids prevailed! It was a great night for sleep, and I even slept under the sheets for the first time on this trip.

As expected though, 5AM came way too quickly! For some, quicker than others, as the whole Daylight Savings Time issue wreaked havoc on personal electronic devices. Anyway, all were up and ready for breakfast by 5:30 – scrambled egg casserole, toast, coffee and fresh fruit…a great send-off!! Read More

The Toughest Day of All

(Disclaimer-this post is from Saturday March 11…late due to a poor connection in Port au Prince. My apologies!)

Last night was actually the coolest and sleep seemed easier than before. Unfortunately we had to awake to the least favorite ritual – bringing down bed nets and final packing for the return journey. Our time on this island paradise had come to an end and we had to bid farewell until next time.

As we waited for the truck to make a return it was very hot and Kiki created a very unique way to avoid the burning sun. I was not surprised to see my dance buddy from the beach, Chadly, waiting for me at the bottom of the steps. He really is a charmer…so I left a bit of Smith Mountain Lake, VA on Ile a Vache this time! Read More

Return to Bwa Bouton

Last night was really a repeat of most every other night…fans, heat, sweat, interrupted sleep, wildlife noises…this is Haiti, Project Starfish style and we would really have it no othe way!

This morning, delicious Haitian oatmeal for one last time. This being our last clinic day, everyone was a bit sluggish this morning, but after coffee and a brief team meeting with “Madamn Big Boss”, we were ready to get started.  Read More

Time for a Change of Scenery

Last night the generator ran constantly so the fans ran too and, at least on our side of the house, NO roosters. Michael had to be ecstatic! Despite the continual running of the fans, I still awoke drenched in sweat…must have been extra humid last night.

This morning our sweet cooks, Adelene and Gesliene made one of my favorite breakfasts…spaghetti!! Sorry Rusty, but it just keeps getting better every time. Unfortunately, our team suffered a little temporary attrition this morning but luckily we are a medical team and we have meds for that…a dose of Zofran, Cipro and rest seems to have resolved the issue and we hope to be at full strength again in the morning. Read More

Class is in Session

So last night I did come down from the roof before the card games were finished…and I was like a moth to the flames. I was not disappointed and it turns out JennyMa was getting just as schooled as Wilson. I think they both have met their match and an equilibrium has been achieved.

Once the final match ended we again retired to our rooms for the night, anticipating our final clinic day at this location. We awoke to another fine breakfast after which some joined Léon and Nora for a discussion of our future plans on the island. Just having this discussion a mere 12 months since our first arrival on the island amazes me and gives me so much hope that we will indeed achieve our ultimate goals. Now we just need to raise the funds!! Read More