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2 Weeks and Counting to Haiti 2017 (1st Edition)

We just had a very successful packing party with more medications than I think we have ever loaded up. We got to meet 4 of our new members – Emma, Bethanie, Carla and Michael and we reunited with a returning member- Sarah G. For those wondering, her foot has fully healed and she is ready to go!! Some familiar faces were present too – Jenny, Carey, Lindsay and Melila. We cannot wait to reunite with Rachel B. for this trip – it has been too too long. We have another new member in Charlottesville – Sarah B., who will be packing with Kiki this week and I’m sure Kiki will have her ready to go like a seasoned veteran before they ever leave “Wahooville”. Chelsea, in the “Great White Northeast”, will be getting her supplies loaded up as usual and we will meet her in Miami. Kitty and Tom had grandbaby duty this weekend, but as usual Kitty is attempting to load a shipping container’s worth of supplies into 4-6 large duffel bags….my money is on “Big Chief Black Cloud”. Read More