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Home Again…and Counting Down

So, as advertised our flight arrived early and we had hopes of an early arrival to our hotel too. Unfortunately, these hopes were quickly dashed by a pilot announcement that another flight had taken our gate and we would need to “settle in for a bit” – maybe 20-30 minutes. Not the kind of announcement any passenger wishes to hear. Well, we were already about 20 minutes early on the ground, so maybe not a disaster after all. However, you would not have known it inside the jet, as most passengers were up in the aisle, pulling bags out of overhead storage and jostling for position for when we finally parked. Then several passengers needed to get back to the bathroom through this crush of people and there was a flurry of Creole as arguments broke out. Just as it was about to get ugly, the pilot announced we were heading to our gate…phew! Read More

Farewell Haiti…Again

Turns out last night we did not venture up to the roof as we had a very comfortable spot on the front porch looking out on the street. DJ “Gruss” was spinning all the best tunes and we engaged our new friends in a little “Party on the Patio”. I think the neighbors, who had a front row seat from the their porch, have never been so entertained. We got to meet Léon’s other brother Morgan and his friends “Pigeon” and “Bef”. Timizu was with us and Boaz came to spend one last evening with us as well. It was a cool night and we all had great fun just being together. We even walked next door to a restaurant for some fried plantains and a cold beverage.  Read More

Until March, Ile a Vache

Last night was gloriously cool on the rooftop, with winds coming from the north. The moon rose just before 9:00, so for hours we could see stars as far as the horizon in all directions. We saw so many shooting stars we lost count. The wind picked up and it became so cool that we were happy to have long sleeves and our new Haitian friends turned in early because they were too cold. I was tempted to sleep on the roof, but in the end, after hours of star gazing, we all descended the ladder to turn in for the night. Read More

The Harsh Reality of Ile a Vache

After one last visit to the newborn and mother, we enjoyed our favorite dinner of chicken, rice and beans, then we retired to the rooftop as planned. When the moon rose above the horizon and clouds it was once again bright enough to light the entire countryside around us. We did not have a round 2 of cards but we certainly did not miss the opportunity for team bonding – chatting, singing, sharing stories of family, brainstorming new fundraising opportunities and laughing throughout. At some point the days events caught up with us and we called it a night. Read More

Day 4 – The Barrage at Bwa Bouton

So last night turned out to be drizzly and moonless…no visit to the rooftop after all, however tonight will definitely be a different story. Anyway, last night we were alone with our translators, Johnny, Wilson and Boaz which turned out to be a blessing. Not only did we have a sincere conversation and learn just how mature they are for their ages (23, 23 & 30 respectively), and just how committed they are to improving their homeland (not just focused on their own immediate needs and wishes), but we bonded more tightly as a group as they taught us two new card games with one remarkable rule…Wilson always wins! JennyMa, you are going to have your work cut out for you in March! But seriously, these are 3 more remarkable young men amongst the many other young adults we have met in our travels…what amazing role models for us and our children. Read More