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Our Will, Sustained…Our Goal, Realized!!

Great news for our organization and exciting news for our supporters!!! Some of you may recall my last blog entry on our 2014 mission trip, but for those who may need a refresher, here is an important excerpt:

As we began our journey to Miami, I found myself reflecting on the words of a pastor in the small village of Di Croix. He shared a sermon of sorts at the inaugural clinic ceremony that I mentioned in an earlier post. He was imploring the residents and his congregants to be appreciative ‎and supportive of this new health clinic that was now available to serve them all. He spoke of successful development in general requiring 3 important elements: Existence, Will, and Resources. Their small village had accomplished the first by bringing the clinic into Existence and certainly their was a strong Will of some to make it happen, however there needed to be an even stronger collective Will to sustain it and then as always, the Resources to further develop and maintain it. I can’t help but think similarly about our fledgling organization, Project Starfish Haiti. As of the last year we actually formalized our group and incorporated – Existence. This would never have happened without the strong Will of many current and former team members.  Once we return from these week long excursions it is understandably easy to become caught up in our daily lives and have our enthusiasm wane until the next trip is planned, but if we are to achieve our next goal, that of our own non-profit status, on the path to even greater development, it will require the sustained Will of many…”

Well, it is now official.  As of July 25, 2014, Project Starfish Haiti is officially recognized as a Public Charity and exempt from federal income tax.  We are recognized as a non-profit organization by the IRS under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  This is a big step for us and means we will be able to more independently plan future projects and trips.  That said, we realize we are still just infants at this with so much more to learn.  We thank our friends at Angel Missions Haiti, Clinic Jolivert, Missions of Love, Much Ministries, Gleaning for the World and so many others for their generosity with their time, patience and support.  This is truly an education and we hope…we need to learn so much more.

In the coming weeks, stay tuned for updated information in the donate section of the website to see how easy it will soon be to make your tax deductible donations directly to Project Starfish Haiti.  For the time being, please continue to support us as always…as we are always looking towards the next trip and ultimately our next goal…establishing a sustainable health clinic in an unserved community.  We realize we have many lessons still to learn before we will be able to achieve this goal, but rest assured our Will remains strong to do just that. I can’t help but recall that hot day in the tiny, remote village of Di Croix.  I can only hope we too will enjoy the celebration of such an inaugural event in the not too distant future…