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Prayers Needed NOW!!

IMG_00000034I generally do not use this forum to highlight specific individuals, but one of our own is in need of your prayers NOW!  I regret to inform you all that Dr. Peter Whitehead will be unable to join us this year, as originally planned, for our return to Haiti next month. He was just recently diagnosed with a malignant tumor of his chest wall and will be initiating radiation therapy ASAP, leading to major surgery in the next couple months. Peter is an integral member of the Project Starfish Haiti family and I know you all – family, friends and supporters, will join us as we pray for him and his family as they navigate this challenging time in their lives. We, the 2014 Team, and most certainly the people of Haiti will miss your presence “Dr. Peter”, but I have no doubt you will be with us as we are with you….every step of the way!  May we prove the power of prayer and positive thinking with your speedy and full recovery.

Be Strong My Friend and NEVER forget….Love From ALL,