Monthly Archives: October 2013

Team 2014 Set!!

Great news!  We have established our medical mission team for Spring 2014 – Trip #5.  I am excited to report that Dr. Kitty Humphreys and Dr. Peter Whitehead will be returning again this year, along with Carey Cole, FNP , her daughter Lindsay, aka “Smiley” and Kirsten “Kiki” Newcomb, RN.  I am thrilled to report that Jenny Baldwin, RN will also be returning after a 2 year hiatus, which I know she regretted daily….Welcome Back “Jenny Ma”!! We have been missing you terribly. The nightly card games will be much more entertaining!! As always, we could not be happier to be growing our PSH family again this year with some new additions: Chelsea LaBree, RN of Maine, Melisa Morgan, RN of Jacksonville,FLA and Sarah Gilbert,RN of Radford,VA. Read More