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Oyis Mark Daroshefski

Oyis in May 2010


That’s right, Oyis, the young boy we cared for after the earthquake nearly 4 years ago, who had suffered a head injury and a horribly fractured right leg, is now officially the adopted son of Sondra and Michael Daroshefski.  Sondra is a  NICU nurse that accompanied us on that first, most fateful trip and has supported us ever since.  Most importantly, she and her husband as well as their children welcomed Oyis to their home in Roanoke, VA later that year as a medical host family. Oyis’ parents were no longer living and when his sister indicated she could not properly care for him in Haiti she asked the Daroshefski family to pursue adoption.  He has since undergone additional surgery and therapy to correct his leg fracture and has recovered from his head injury. He has acclimated very well to life in the USA, though Sondra and her family strive to keep him connected to his Haitian heritage.  We are so excited to report on this wonderful success story as it exemplifies what we are hoping to achieve as Project Starfish-Haiti and we are so happy for the growing Daroshefski family. Read More