Monthly Archives: April 2013

Day 7 – Last Day of Clinics

Good evening everyone!¬†Last night was another nice night for sleeping but there was another false alarm at 3 am and apparently singing and drums at that same early hour…for those who heard them. Read More

Day 6

Good evening to all on this, our 6th day!

Hard to believe we are nearing the last day of clinics! Last night proved to be a nice cool night- even a bit chilly (Kez would be proud). Sleeping was good until our feathered friends awoke….as always. Again, I am beginning to become accustomed to the morning serenade but not so much that I will actually miss it. And last night I thought Blaud’s tonsils were regrowing, but in fact it turned out to be a young Whitehead…luckily he rolled and there was again peace in our little corner of the world. Read More

Day 5

Good evening to all on Wednesday night,

Last night after I closed we all had dinner in our room – delicious beef jerky, tuna and crackers, trail mix and cokes. Actually, we were all mostly full from lunch and the snacks hit the spot. So with full bellies we launched into a game of tootsie roll Texas Hold-em and a quick game of bull-$#!t before the lights went out on our little party. We missed you Jenny! Read More

Day 4

Again, a pretty good night sleep for most and the roosters did give us an extra 36 minutes sleep….according to Jil, they sounded off at exactly 4:36 this morning. Read More

Day 3

Last night was remarkably cool after the lights went out and I think Blaud must have had his tonsils out because it was blessedly quiet through most of the night. Or it may have been that the mama grizzly was next door?? Either way, it was a pretty good night’s sleep to a point and nobody awoke to find blood in their urine this morning, though I am not certain there aren’t a few splenic lacerations as yet undiscovered after yesterday’s drive.¬† Read More