Monthly Archives: February 2010

Day 10

A final good evening. The day started with more excitement than we wished for, as you already know, but it really cemented our experience and our connection to our Hatian friends and patients. Read More

Day 9

Good evening! Sorry to disappoint, but I got nothin’ left to say about the roosters aside from there are clearly too many in Haiti. There is a real opportunity for Chick-fil-A in this country. Read More

Day 8

Hello all! Hard to believe it has been a week – both that it is just a week and also that it is already a week. Last night was truly sultry, but without the night shift everybody slept much better. Apparently the roosters and the dogs are either Jewish or Adventists because they seemed to take the night off. Read More

Day 7

Good evening to all. Sorry for the lapse in communication – finally reset my phone and we are back online! Read More

Day 6

For those keeping track, the roosters did crow but 25 minutes late…then all night. That was the least of our worries though.Just after midnight, we were treated to a real Haitian deluge…and it lasted all night. The kicker was that the weather joined us through an opening in the roof and flooded the 1st floor. Most of the night was spent keeping supplies and personal items on the 2nd floor dry AND listening to the *#!*ยค roosters! At least Oiz had a quiet night and a great day (he no longer seems like just a patient – we have all seemed to adopt him like a son). Read More